'Parasite' has won the Golden Palm Award at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival and has been honored with 36 awards at 58 film festivals and awards. The performance was also good, earning a total of $ 2.35 million (about KRW 23.8 billion) for 66 days in North America. In addition to being the best ever Korean film ever, it ranks 11th among the most popular films in foreign language films.



In the US, as well as receiving the Academy Award for “parasites”, interest in Bong Joon-ho is hot.

"Bong Joon-ho is the popularity of directors' insurance for parasites," said the American Vanity Fair. The magazine said that Bong himself is in the rock star class not only because of his English works (Seolkook Train and Okja) but also because of the hit monsters and mothers around the world.



"The Oscars are not an international film festival. They're very local"

When director Bong Jun-ho made this remark in an interview with US media 'Bulcher' on October 7, local time would not have been foreseen. Before the 92nd Academy Awards, which will be held in February next year, 'parasites' will be such a nomination.


Particularly in the interviews with the local media, the use of unique eloquence and humor is getting a good response.

Recently, the appearance of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, a representative talk show of US terrestrial broadcasting NBC TV, has been a hot topic through YouTube.

Veteran host Palan said, “It's a duty to reveal a little bit about the story because it's on a talk show.” When asked for spoiling, Bong said, “I don't want to talk here. (Audience) It's more fun to go without knowing the story. ”


"It's a family story," he said. "It's a story about a poor family going to a rich house for an extracurricular class."

He added, "Human story, funny and scary movie." As Jimmy responds to Bong on Jimmy's show, "I'm a dilemma for the marketing team, but I'd like to say, 'Just go and watch.'"

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